Build New Customer Experiences

Make it easier for your clients to do business with you by improving both their accessibility to your products and their experience of your services.

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Improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Increase your customer retention by up to 30% by engaging with them over our in-app messaging and support tools.

Create multi-platform User Interphases.

Offer unique user experiences over both web based and mobile applications.

Upgrade Your Business Operations

Improve your transactional operations and keep track of your clients data in a secured cloud environment.

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Easier Client Onboarding.

Onboard more clients and lower your Customer Acquisition Costs by up to 25%.

Seamless Digital Migration.

Easily transition your business from a brick & mortar model to a fully digitised service delivery model.

Outsource To Jectre

We run the tech so you can run the business

Jectre handles development, deployment and management of your web and mobile stack so your team can focus on what it does best.

  • Your software is fully hosted and managed on our cloud servers
  • We provide all the technical and business support you require
  • Your business can rely on a fully secured data infrastructure
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Our Solutions

Our products are designed to help you streamline your transactional operations and improve your relationship with your clients.

How it works
Energy Effciency

Financial Services

Fully integrated software stack for financial service providers.

Inverter Integrations

Bookings & Rentals

Customisable booking systems for hotels and property rentals.

Demand Response

Ecommerce Management

Easily deployable e-commerce stack for single brand stores or multi-vendor platforms.


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